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Digital Commerce

Enable personalized customer experience through Digital commerce

Digital commerce enables personalized experiences to help business win and retain customers. But to satisfy buyers, tightly integrated channels must deliver a consistent brand experience with targeted messages for each step in their buying journey.

Digital commerce tools allow you to respond quickly to sudden market shifts and simultaneously deliver new products and services across channels. Manteio’s omni-channel retail experts and marketing specialists have the experience and creativity to manage your digital commerce transformation. Our omni channel commerce services amplify the innovations you need to succeed in the Digital world.

Strategy and Experience

Customized architecture for your omni-channel commerce platform. Recommendations that fit your current and future IT environment. Critical data points for every customer.

Maintenance and Operation

Business continuity during system upgrades or migrations. New onboarded product lines, new storefronts and fulfillment centers


E-commerce storefronts and upgrades or best-of-breed platforms. Enrich channels with full service capabilities and a consistent brand experience.

Digital Transformation

Consumer goods giant markets with a multi-channel platform. We enable specialist teams to play to their strengths – achieving cost saving in digital marketing spend and a decrease in time to market.

Innovative digital interventions aligned to your needs

Manteio Digital Interactions enables enterprises to digitize the core and offer a robust experience orchestration across all channels of engagement. With the rapid advancements in the UI technologies, we help enterprises to stay relevant, all the while future proofing their technology investments and enhancing their time-to market.

Our Offerings

Digital Interactions will be the central choreographer for integrated ecosystem. We help build the ‘Moments that matter’ navigating towards:

  • Building compelling customer experiences
  • Building the Next-gen digital enterprise
  • Digital disruption

Conversational AI to Engage and Retain Customers

Data indicates that websites and mobile apps, irrespective of high-quality design and UX, suffer from bounce-off/uninstall rates as high as 60%. With a concierge bot, you can effectively engage with and retain customers.

  • Ready-to-Deploy Bots
  • Integrate Anywhere

  • Engage, Retain, Monetize



Security Management

Ensure that every person, package or vehicle entering the community is authorised by a resident. All it takes is a click. Effective security measures can be convenient, too!

Community Management

Pay bills, book amenities, resolve issues and stay up-to-date with all that’s going on in the society. Easier for you and the managing committee.


You’ve done all the hard work to bring your vision to life. Now give your residents the convenience of intelligent community management.

Managing Committee

Introduce transparency and security in the most convenient manner possible for all your residents, without sending overheads shooting through the roof.

We simplify the gated complex!


Everything you need within a top-notch user experience.

A unique value proposition

Our ERP has jargoned us to leverage thousands of developers and business experts to build hundreds of apps in just a few years. With strong technical foundations,manteio’s framework is unique. It provides top notch usability that scales across all apps. Usability improvements  will automatically apply to all of our fully integrated apps. That way, we evolve much faster than any other solution.

Companies grow 35% faster with better data

Enjoy Usability, Mobility, Control and Business Intelligence

Give your wholesale customers a great buying experience with a fully customisable, private B2B eCommerce Store. Free your team from repetitive, manual workflows as you increase efficiencies across your business. Accomplish your revenue and expansion goals with the support of a dedicated team of growth consultants and technical advisors. Synchronize sales & inventory across all online and offline sales channels as you access new markets and expand globally with ease.


Branding & Identity

Design is about much more than creating a design that is fresh and appealing. Any brand that is to become a successful sales and marketing tool needs to be intuitive, easy to use as well and responsive in design to work with the explosion in mobile devices accessing your content on the go.

We offer branding, logo design and corporate identity as part of our range of services.


Our professional approach will ensure that your online presence stands out from the crowd. Using your business objectives along with our development and programming expertise, we can bring a whole new dimension to your business. Our experience ranges from development of complex website functionality to web applications tailored to your individual business requirements.

Digital Marketing

People trawl the net daily for the latest special offers and low cut prices. A well marketed presence online is vital to attract these customers and to keep up with your competitors. If your presence online is weak you can be assured that competitors are scooping up YOUR potential customers. The great thing about Digital Marketing is that it is easier to measure over traditional marketing methods. We can test a wide array of tactics and evaluate the results.

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